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Yess try several before my wife and I started with a small gym in an effort to stay fit and healthy. After working our sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. The wet area was mainly used by men and women sometimes. The men were always naked. I take it before, but Carol held tinyeve in Bikini. When we are alone and sat in the jacuzzi I the occasional hand job. Carol has a comment on the different sizes of penises and how they saw some of them began to grow when it was in the sauna with the size of their tits 42. After a few weeks I've managed to go to her topless as she gets used to some of the regulars. After that, he said, it could be seen and enjoy the sauna and swimming pool to the fullest. When I first naked, and went with her ​​big tits and shaved pussy All the above noticed a couple of guys playing with their spines. She decided to go tinyeve alone to a Jacuzzi and two of the boys followed, I was watching through the glass window to the door of the sauna. A man sitting next to the other. She told me what happened next. The man walked towards her pussy with his foot and play their hand with a massage of her breasts. She was very brave and gave the man sitting next to her a quick massage and was surprised when he suddenly arched his back exposing his penis and then shot his load in the air. Meanwhile, the second man stopped next to Carol and she began to masturbate one. Before he could out of type III, which began in the wetlands, which had only seen on occasion. Carol had noticed his penis, flaccid, at least nine inches long and about 6 inches. Carol has seen porn movies and have seen a couple of big cocks, but not in the flesh. We tinyeve had talked about playing, but tinyeve not as much as complete penetration. Now it has become so hot that day, because you just came out of the jacuzzi and sauna. Dave was the largest with its tail at the bottomBank. Carol sat on the bench top through it with her legs showing her pussy. His eyes closed, mouth, and she to me: 'I want to stab my pussy. ' tinyeve I nodded and said. ' Only if I can see ' then returned to the jacuzzi with the other two guys and standing alongside of the second child to play underwater. After 20 minutes, Dave went tinyeve to the pool of cold water, as he told Carol the second kind of up in the Jacuzzi and started giving him a blowjob. Looked up to see Dave and waved over it. When he entered the hot tub was his cock to stir an erection. Carol got up and finished the second man to masturbate with him and come on her tits. They then grabbed David gave a passionate long kiss his hand to his chest, while the other two boys started playing with her pussy. tinyeve He knelt in the hot tub and began to give Dave a blowjob. Even I was impressed with the size of his penis, which grew at a good 14 inches. Carol could not get everything in the mouth so that only sucked and licked the entire length and their eggs. He then again everyone in the sauna, my husband can put on a show to remember. They returned to the sauna and I said, if they are lucky in what she wants. I am now and jerk off tinyeve and shot my load on the floor and was ready for the next edition. Now Dave 's cock was always attntion even when Carol turned around and said fuck me Doggy Dave. He put his cock in her wet hole pumped out, while she gave John a blowjob the first block and the second type masturbated Terry. Dave had a deep sigh, he was pumping away. Carol moaned and cried.. 'Oh, shit, hell, oh my tinyeve God, he'splitting me, oh yeah, oh yeah, he did the other two were just sitting down with me to see the show started 20 minutes after pumping sorry and told Carol about you. to me. wiyh who resisted and gave them a finto moan and then pulled out his thick nor too sloppy tinyeve construction. Carol said: How long can you hold it for. Dave told me that he practiced and can maintain an erection to keep about 1 hour, even after an orgasm. Carol, then he looked at me and said, obliged. 'Stick It to the experience of my ass ' and then Dave peddle your ass for 30 minutes. Needless to say, Carol is a changed woman. Now go to the gym at least twice aweek, as she says, has to stay in shape! We found a few other saunas, where Carol is pleased to be touched and played with and then fucked
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